Syria war: Tens of thousands still missing, UN says

Syria war: Tens of thousands still missing, UN says

Tens of thousands of civilians area unit still missing once being detained randomly throughout ten years of war in Asian country, UN investigators say.

Thousands additional are tortured or killed in custody, in step with a replacement report description alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity by all parties.

Victims and witnesses represented “unimaginable suffering”, together with the rape of ladies and boys as young as eleven.

The issue could be a “national trauma” that has got to be addressed , the report says.

Syria has been blasted by a conflict that erupted once President Bashar al-Assad’s government responded with deadly force to peaceful anti-government protests in March 2011.

The fighting has left a minimum of 380,000 folks dead and caused [*fr1] the population to escape their homes, together with virtually six million refugees abroad.


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