The device that can help save a child’s mental health

The device that can help save a child’s mental health

LONDON: A report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that a loss of six months of normal education during the pandemic could equate to an average loss of £40,000 of income over the course of their working life.

But equally important is the fact that many children and adolescents face losing their ability to socialise, to strike up, and to maintain, friendships.

They are also missing out on the vital emotional support of their peers at what, in normal times, would be a hugely challenging period of their lives. Under Covid restrictions, there is much that is harder to endure.

Relationships are key to well-being, yet it is clear that some youngsters, confined to their home and restricted in who they meet and when because of lockdown, no longer feel at ease with the give and take of social life.

Teenagers polled by the Mental Health Foundation recently admitted to feeling anxious ‘most days’ about their loss of friends.


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