The first digital-only art auction netted $69m

The first digital-only art auction netted $69m

he initial digital-only art auction by Christie’s house has webby $69m (£50m) for the creative person Beeple.

The digital art was oversubscribed as associate NFT – the newest school craze that has boomed in quality in recent weeks.

Beeple – real name microphone Winkelmann – creates a replacement piece of digital art a day, and was marketing the primary five,000 days (13 years) of his work.

That success puts Beeple “among the highest 3 most respected living artists”, Christie’s same.

The company same the sale was the primary NFT-based work of art oversubscribed by a “major” house, and set a replacement record for digital art.

The collection could be a collage of the thousands of individual daily pictures that Beeple, associate yank graphic designer, started in early 2007 and has done a day since.


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