The world’s most misunderstood novel

The world’s most misunderstood novel

The Great Gatsby is synonymous  with parties, brashness and glamour – however this is often only one of the many misunderstandings concerning the book that began from its 1st publication.

Few characters in literature or so life embody AN era quite therefore doggedly as Jay Gatsby will the Jazz Age. virtually a century when he was written into being, F Scott Fitzgerald’s doomed romantic has become shorthand for decadent flappers, champagne fountains and unending parties. separate from by popular culture from the text into that he was born, his name adorns everything from condominiums to hair wax and a limited-edition cologne (it contains notes of vetiver, pink pepper and Sicilian lime). It’s currently potential to lounge on a Gatsby couch, register at the Gatsby edifice, even chow down on a Gatsby sandwich – basically a supersize, souped-up chip sandwich.

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Incongruous tho’ that last item sounds, naming something when the person erst referred to as James Gatz appears quite barely problematic. After all, flamboyant host is simply one a part of his sophisticated identity. he is additionally a crook, up to his neck in criminal enterprise, to not mention a psychoneurotic stalker whose acquirement involves appear downright tacky. If he embodies the potential of the ambition, then he additionally illustrates its limitations: here may be a man, let’s not forget, whose finish is destined to be as pointless because it is violent.


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