The richest man in the world orbited space in just 10 minutes and 10 seconds

The richest man in the world orbited space in just 10 minutes and 10 seconds

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and founder of Amazon, a well-known online business company, has returned from his first space trip.
According to the British media, this historic trip is an important step towards commercial flights in space and this trip was made in the spacecraft ‘New Shepherd’ manufactured by Amazon-owned aerospace company ‘Blue Origin’.
Jeff Bezos resigned as head of Amazon two weeks ago to focus on Blue Origin and his other plans.
Jeff Bezos was accompanied on the trip by his brother Mark Bezos, one of the founders of the space travel race, 82-year-old astronaut Valley Funk, and an 18-year-old student, Oliver Damien.
After this journey, Oliver became the youngest person to travel in space and Valley Funk became the oldest woman.
According to the report, this historic space trip lasted only 10 minutes and 10 seconds in which four astronauts took a beautiful view of space and the earth through the large glass windows in the spacecraft.
The spacecraft departed from a private site in Van Horn, Texas, 2 minutes after the launch. It’s over.

During the voyage, the four astronauts lost weight due to a lack of gravity for about 4 minutes, during which they were able to unbuckle their seats and look out of the plane.
When the spacecraft crossed the Kerman Line, all the passengers cheered and shouted. The spacecraft reached an altitude of 107 km, after which it landed in a desert area and the four passengers landed safely.
“I’m incredibly well,” Jeff Bezos said shortly after landing, and it was the best day for an astronaut.
It is thought to have been the first human flight to the Blue Origin Company’s space. Earlier, on July 11, billionaire British businessman Richard Bernison returned to Earth after a space trip with three other passengers and two pilots. Only professional astronauts have been going into space.
The purpose of the mission by the Blue Origin Company was to overtake the rapidly emerging space tourism and it is expected that this trip will encourage space tourism.


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