Thousands protest in Bangladesh when deadly clashes cause 5 deaths

Thousands protest in Bangladesh when deadly clashes cause 5 deaths

Thousands of individuals on Sabbatum took to the streets in Bangladesh, daily when clashes between police and protestors against a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi left 5 dead.

The violence, that began Friday at the most house of God within the capital Dhaka, rocked many key districts within the Muslim-majority nation of 168 million, effort scores livid.

A spokesperson for the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), that additionally acts as a reserve paramilitary for law and order, aforesaid it had deployed troops since Friday night, while not revealing the numbers concerned.

Authorities additionally perceived to have restricted access to Facebook when pictures and reports of Friday’s violence were shared on the social media website.

But on Sabbatum, thousands clothed  to protest against police having opened hearth and against Modi’s visit for Independence Day celebrations, following imply nationwide demonstrations from Hefazat-e-Islam.

Several thousand supporters of Hefazat staged protests at Hathazari, a rural city outside the country’s second largest town that witnessed the worst violence on Friday once four protesters were shot dead.

Hefazat spokesperson Jakaria Noman Foyezi told AFP that around ten,000 students of Hathazari religious school, a non secular school, were on the road interference a key main road linking the port town with the country’s hill districts.

Ruhul Amin, the govt administrator of the city, aforesaid Hefazat supporters place up makeshift walls and mammary gland up the road to dam traffic, however that there was no violence.

Mohammad Jahangir, a senior Chittagong policeman, aforesaid border guards, police and therefore the elite fast Action Battalion are deployed to the city.

In the northern district city of Habiganj, police pink-slipped rubber bullets and tear gas at some two hundred protesters from the most opposition party, police inspector Syedul Mostafa told AFP.

“They became unruly and pelted rocks at United States of America. we tend to pink-slipped rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse them. we’ve got in remission ten individuals for violence,” he said.

The Manabjamin newspaper aforesaid a minimum of fifty individuals were livid. native media additionally reportable clashes at Gazipur, simply north of Dhaka.

In the capital itself, many protesters gathered at the Baitul Mukarram musjid, the country’s biggest house of God.

An AFP correspondent at the scene aforesaid the protesters, World Health Organization musical slogans against Modi, were Hefazat supporters.


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