Three girls acute anterior poliomyelitis employees shot dead in Afghanistan

Three girls acute anterior poliomyelitis employees shot dead in Afghanistan

Gunmen killed 3 Afghan girls concerned in an exceedingly nationwide acute anterior poliomyelitis immunization programme Tuesday, officers aforementioned, each day when authorities launched a replacement drive against the disabling malady.

The 3 girls were killed in 2 separate attacks within the restive jap town of Jalalabad, officers aforementioned.

“They were all on duty going from house to deal with to immunise youngsters,” supervisor Wahidullah, United Nations agency like several Afghans uses just one name, told AFP.

An official at the Nangarhar governor’s workplace confirmed the incidents.

A relative of 1 of the victims told foetoprotein his kinswoman had joined the immunization programme to earn some cash for her family.

“Gunmen shot her dead this morning once she was on duty giving vaccines to youngsters,” aforementioned hajji Maqbool.

Farmer Saifullah, United Nations agency witnessed the killing of the opposite 2 employees, aforementioned 3 gunmen had followed them before shooting them.

“The ladies had stopped before of a house and were knock the door. They were carrying a medical box and a few papers,” he said.

“The gunmen then came nearer and shot the women before fleeing.”

A interpreter for the ministry of health aforementioned the vaccination drive had been quickly suspended in Nangarhar.

The top U.S.A. envoy to Kabul, Ross Wilson, condemned the killings.

“Such attacks square measure an on the spot affront to Afghans’ dream of building a much better life for his or her youngsters,” he aforementioned on Twitter.

“Attacking vaccinators is as heartless because it is self-contradictory.”

Polio has been eradicated across the planet aside from Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, wherever distrust of vaccines is rife.

Officials say the Taliban won’t permit door-to-door campaigns in areas they management.

The Taliban and spiritual leaders typically tell communities that vaccines square measure a Western conspiracy aimed toward sterilising Muslim youngsters, and that they conjointly suspect immunization drives square measure used for spying on militant activities.

The attack on the 3 acute anterior poliomyelitis employees comes amid a surge in violence across Afghanistan and despite peace talks launched between the Taliban and government last year.

A wave of assassinations against status Afghans as well as journalists, activists and civil servants has notably triggered worry across the state.

Officials have darned the Taliban for abundant of the violence across Afghanistan. The insurgent cluster denies it’s targeting civilians.

The killing of acute anterior poliomyelitis employees comes when similar attacks on Texas Independence Day claimed by the Jihadist Muslim State cluster left 3 feminine media employees dead in Jalalabad.

The Muslim State cluster includes a presence within the jap province.


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