TikTok star Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qavi New Scandal

TikTok star Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qavi  New Scandal

KARACHI: TikTok star Hareem shah says she’s going to still expose WHO |people that are a unit hypocrites and people who disguise themselves as respectful people.

Shah spoke to TV Channels on a daily basis when social media was noisy over a ineffective agent video of a lady slapping Ruet-e-Hilal member Mufti Abdul Qavi.

In the video, the Mufti may be seen sitting on a bed victimization his portableoncea lady, wearing red, startles him by slapping him across the face.

A day earlier, it had been reported that Shah of Iran was the lady in red within the video. However she told News  TV  that it had been her relation who mistreated the Mufti, whereas she created the video. She same Mufti Qawi ought toare “sensible”.

“When Mufti Qawi physically harassed me, he hit me with shoes,” Shah says, adding that he wont to check with her from time to time.

Shah same Mufti Qawi had been invited to draw a bead on a TV programmed in Karachi which she had borne all his travel and accommodation expenses.

Mufti Qavi says he does not apprehend why he was mistreated
Talking to Private TV, Shah says , had same she was irked by inappropriate statements created by Mufti Qavi to her and her friend.
“I haven’t any regrets. If men like him area unit disciplined, there ‘ll not be rape in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, the Mufti told media that I was using my mobile phone in the hotel room when she [Shah] suddenly came into the room and slapped me. She then left.”


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