Tourism can be biggest source of income in Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

Tourism can be biggest source of income in Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

JHELUM: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday aforesaid that business may be the largest supply of employment in Asian nation [if correct work is finished to develop the sector].
He was chatting with journalists in Jhelum when the inauguration of Al-Biruni Radius — a business project developed for the revival of the country’s heritage.
The PM aforesaid that there square measure 3 areas of business in Asian nation — the mountains, the seas and therefore the lineation — adding that ancient sites also are vital in terms of business for the country.
“The world is fascinated by places like Mohanjo Daro and Harappa, whereas Nandana Fort was the largest university of its time,” the premier aforesaid.
He else that famed Muslim mortal Al-Biruni performed experiments to live the world whereas operating in Nandana Fort.
“This may be a place wherever tourists from everywhere the planet can return, that’s why we’ve got set to develop this as a model village,” he aforesaid whereas sharing the government’s approaching plans.
“Arrangements are going to be created for tourists to remain here, therefore, hotels and resorts also will be engineered underneath a public-private partnership,” the prime minister aforesaid.
He else that terribly shortly, the tiny village “will get on the planet map.”
Citing the samples of Turkey and Malaysia, the PM aforesaid that the countries’ business sector additionally thrives on the idea of their ancient sites.
“Pakistan is additionally jam-packed with ancient touristic sites like Turkey. we’ve

 got the remains of the Mughal civilisation in Asian nation however, sadly, the previous governments were unable to develop these sites properly.”


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