Turkey host Afghan peace talks

Turkey host Afghan peace talks

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu proclaimed on Friday that Turkey plans to host Afghanistan peace talks in Stamboul in Gregorian calendar month, adding that Ankara can appoint AN Afghanistan special envoy.
Cavusoglu’s comments come back once the u. s. shared a draft peace set up business for commutation Afghanistan’s government with a power-sharing interim administration unfinished elections below a replacement constitution.
The United States of America proposal is meant to jump-start stalled talks in capital of Qatar between the religious movement and a team together with Afghan officers on a political settlement to decades of conflict.
Cavusoglu same Turkey had antecedently been asked by Afghan officers, the religious movement, and also the negotiation team to host talks, and this week’s call came once a United States of America proposal for Turkey to host a gathering.
“This isn’t a gathering that’s another to the Qatar method, it’s a complement to it,” state-owned Anadolu wire service quoted Cavusoglu as spoken communication. we are going to carry this go in coordination with brotherly Qatar, however it’ll be in Turkey.”
He same the aim was for talks between the religious movement and also the government to continue in a very “goal-oriented” approach. the precise date in Gregorian calendar month, and also the content of the talks, were being mentioned.


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