Unseen painting fetches £11m at auction

Unseen painting fetches £11m at auction

A Vincent van Gogh painting of a Paris street that spent over a hundred years behind closed doors has fetched thirteen.09 million euros (£11.2m) at auction.

Sotheby’s same the sale value was a record for the Dutch creative person in France, wherever Thursday’s auction materialized.

It had antecedently calculable A Street Scene In Montmartre might move to eight million euros (£6.9m).

Painted in 1887, the piece has been closely-held by a French family for many of the time since.

Specialists knew of the work however it absolutely was solely listed as a black-and-white photograph.

A slightly higher value was reached for the painting on Thursday afternoon, however the sale was scrapped thanks to problems with on-line bidding.

It was offered once more at the tip of the auction, that was live-streamed on the web by Sotheby’s from Paris.


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