US cold snap: Why is TX seeing Arctic temperatures?

US cold snap: Why is TX seeing Arctic temperatures?

Texas is understood for its sprawling deserts and torturous heatwaves – however without delay, it’s blanketed in a very thick layer of ice.

The state is seeing a number of its coldest temperatures in additional than thirty years, with some square measureas breaking records that are quite a century recent.

Parts of TX hit 0F (-18C) on Sunday, and weather warnings square measure planning to keep in situ through the week.

So why is that this unremarkably boiling state suddenly chilling over?

According to the US National Weather Service (NWS), this can be all the way down to Associate in Nursing “Arctic outbreak” that originated simply on top of the US-Canada border, transfer a winter snow storm further as plummeting temperatures.

Cold air outbreaks like these square measure unremarkably unbroken within the Arctic by a series of nonaggressive systems, the NWS aforesaid. However, this one captive through North American country and spilled out into the US last week.

Temperatures within the town of metropolis for instance can reach a high of 14F (-10C) on Mon once it ought to be a lot of like 59F (15C) at this point of year.

For the primary time within the US state, all 254 counties square measure underneath a winter storm warning, US media report. The temperature in metropolis is already colder than in Anchorage, Alaska,


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