Uttarakhand: Eleven dead after India glacier bursts dam

Uttarakhand: Eleven dead after India glacier bursts dam

NEW DELHI: 11 individuals have lost their lives whereas up to one hundred fifty others area unit reportedly missing in Bharat once a mountain range ice mass skint and caught in a frenzy a electricity dam on Sunday, with floods forcing the evacuation of villages downstream.

“The actual range has not been confirmed nonetheless,” however a hundred to one hundred fifty individuals were feared dead,

 Om Prakash, cabinet minister of Uttarakhand

A witness reported a wall of dirt, rock associate degree water as an avalanche roared down the Dhauli Ganga watercourse depression settled quite five hundred kilometer  north of Dehli.

“It came in no time, there was no time to alert anyone,” Sanjay Singh genus Rana, UN agency lives on the higher reaches of the watercourse in Raini village in Uttarakhand, told Reuters by phone. “I felt that even we’d be caught in a frenzy.”

Uttarakhand’s captain Ashok Kumar told reporter’s quite fifty individuals functioning at the dam, the Rishiganga electricity Project, were feared dead although some others had been reclaimed. Kumar conjointly aforementioned authorities had exhausted alternative dams to contain the water speeding in from the flooded Alakananda watercourse


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