What ought to be a baby’s first diet?

What ought to be a baby’s first diet?

LONDON: Before half-dozen months older, breast milk alone meets all the energy and nutrition wants of the baby. However the timely introduction of soppy foods is critical. The way to introduce food in baby’s nutrition regimen?

• A mother’s milk is that the safest and healthiest food for the primary half-dozen months of life for all babies.
• While breastfeeding takes care of all essential biological process wants of the baby until half-dozen months older, its growth demands a lot of nutrition from the seventh month forward.
• Parents usually worry regarding the way to introduce solids and semi-solids into baby’s diet set up.

A newborn brings vast joy to the oldsters and alternative members within the family and each growth milestone that they cowl brings waves of joy to the elders. Rather like the babble or crawl, clutching, moving things etc area unit little however vital milestones during a baby’s growth journey, thus is its ability to modify to food on the far side mother milk. Up to the age of half-dozen months, all the biological process wants of the baby area unit taken care of by the breast milk. The baby wants no alternative topping up like water, tea, juice, dish or the other foods or fluids throughout this era.


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