Why pop stars square measure having prosthetic makeovers

Why pop stars square measure having prosthetic makeovers

From Taylor Swift to The Weeknd, additional and additional musicians square measure dynamic  their look in radical ways in which. It’s all a part of a brand new age of human transformation, writes Emma Madden.

In 2017, fans saw the face of DJ, producer and overall pop trailblazer Sophie properly for the primary time. For years before that, the pioneering musician, UN agency tragically died last month at the age of thirty four, remained comparatively covert, hidden behind DJ decks; plastic slides the form of coiled  DNA coated album design wherever a face and a body might need been.

Then, on nineteen Gregorian calendar month 2017, Sophie uploaded the music video for a song known as It’s Okay To Cry, during which the creative person stared straight into the camera in a very moment of revelation. however what was now hanging was the prosthetic makeup large the artist’s cheeks sort of a lovable  angel, as Sophie confident us: “I assume your within is your best facet.”


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