Will resign if Opposition returns looted money, says PM Imran

Will resign if Opposition returns looted money, says PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan these days (Tuesday) has created a proposal to the Opposition to resign from workplace, conditional on the actual fact that they come back the cash they “stole” from the country.

The Prime Minister expressed his views whereas chairing a Federal cupboard meeting in Islamabad. “I can resign tomorrow if you deposit the cash you empty into the national pecuniary resource,” he added.

Further criticizing the opposition, PM Imran same the Opposition, beneath the banner of the Asian country Democratic Movement (PDM), had same to tender resignation from assemblies however they may not dare, as a result of they were creating efforts for NROs.

“Such individuals don’t have the center to resign,” he said, adding, “Making such a move needs bravery and character.” He conjointly criticised the choice by major Opposition parties to contest the Senate elections.

“Neither did they embarked on on an extended march nor were they winning in gathering individuals for his or her cause,” the prime cathedral remarked. “December thirty one, and so Jan thirty one came and went,” he added.


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